Beautiful 18th Century antique needlepoint depicting St Catherine of Alexandria

According to tradition, from a young age she devoted herself to study and converted to Christianity when she was 14. She in turn converted many others to Christianity including the Emperor Maxentius' wife 
The furious Emperor condemned Catherine to death on a spiked, broken wheel but this shattered at her touch and is now her principle symbol
She was a princess and is always depicted richly dressed and crowned, as befits her rank, with her hair unbound depicting her unmarried status. 
She also carries a martyr's Palm and a sword with which she was finally killed.

Hand embroidered with silk and wool, in good, unfaded colours


Condition: Tapestry in excellent condition

Gilt frame has been restored at each corner as shown- images 4/5/6/7

18th Century Needlepoint Depicting St Catherine



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    "Am Weingarten" Enamel Sign



    Stylish vintage sign in bright blue German enamel sign with some damage through 'g' and underneath 'Am' as shown


    Dimensions: Height 65cm, width 15cm


    Postage and packagining: 1st class signed for UK mainland £9.95

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