Pretty pair of Neoclassical stipple prints in Verre Eglise mounts and gilded, early 20th century frames

'Le Bain' a lady in Neoclassical dress bathing a baby in an antique trough
'Les premiers principes du Piano' a lady with a baby on her lap playing an early piano in a room decorated with 'Grand Tour' antiques


Condition: Frames in excellent condition, prints slightly faded


'Bains'- 15x 13.5x 1.25cm
'Piano'- 16x 13x 1.25cm

Pretty Pair Of Early C19th Prints In Gilded Frames

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    "A Mediterranean Scene" 1911 Watercolour



    Lovely watercolour of a small Mediterranean Harbour Scene
    Signed A.E. Price 1911


    Condition: A few blemishes, bottom centre and above signature
    Frame is slightly worn

    Dimensions: 39cm x 23.7cm x 1.2cm

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