An interesting collection of 19th Century Children's educational plates

Image 1- Arabian Horsemen- Daisy border
Perfect condition


Image 2- Band of Hope- The Mountain Hill-
'How pleasant on a sunny day to rest beside the brook,
and watch the ripples as they play down in some shady nook.'
Perfect (slightly stained)


Image 3- November- Alphabet teaching plate-
'Summers sun is warm and bright, Winters snow is cold and bright,
Autumn brings us sheaves of grain, Spring will scatter flowers again
Pleasant changes God arranges all throughout the year'
Tiny hairline between F and G as shown


Image 4- Oriental Shepherds- Alphabet teaching plate-
Perfect condition


Image 5- Octagonal plate with maxim- 
'Want of care does us more damage than want of knowledge'
Perfect condition


Image 6- Fluted Bi-Lingual plate-
'Promenade a quatre'- 'Walking- A party of Four'
Perfect condition


Image 7- Tiny plate- Religious maxim- Wheat, Bluebell and Tulip border
'I lay my body down to sleep, let angels guard my head
And through the hours of darkness keep
Their watch around my bed'
Firing flaw on left side of plate as shown in image


Image 8- Independent Order of Odd Fellows-
Early C19th Armorial image 
Very pretty floral border
2 hairlines as shown and a chip on face

Largest plate- 19cm
Smallest plate- 14cm

Collection Of 19th Century Childrens Plates

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    "A Mediterranean Scene" 1911 Watercolour



    Lovely watercolour of a small Mediterranean Harbour Scene
    Signed A.E. Price 1911


    Condition: A few blemishes, bottom centre and above signature
    Frame is slightly worn

    Dimensions: 39cm x 23.7cm x 1.2cm

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